Big Sur is a coastal region in California, USA. The name Big Sur comes from the Spanish “el sur grande” which means “the great south” or from “el país grande del sur” which translates to “the great country in the south”. The name alludes to the region’s location south of the Monterey Peninsula.

Along the coast are the stately Lanta Lucia mountains that meet the Pacific Ocean. Big Sur has become a popular tourist destination among those passing on Highway 1, which runs through the region. It is a 145 kilometer long coastline

which is cut by redwood forest and beaches.

Along highway 1 there are many stops to make. Bixby Bridge was completed in 1932 for just over $ 200,000.

It is a bridge made of concrete and it is one of the tallest bridges of its kind in the world. Almost 80 meters up over a steep canyon stretches this magnificent bridge. The steep cliffs of the rabbit make it clear that it was not the easiest bridge to build. The large wooden frame that was first built required a lot of material that had to be transported there by truck along a narrow, one-way road with many curves. It took 45,000 sacks of cement that were hoisted up to the wooden frame. When the bridge was built, there were no advanced automatic machines that could perform that job. However, the bridge was completed before the road that would connect Carmel and San Luis Obispo. It took another five years before it was finished and could be inaugurated. Today it is a very popular bridge that attracts photographers from all over the world.

Along the coast of Big Sur there are parks where many of the endangered native condors are kept. They are North America’s largest birds. Along the marine coastline you can see whales or sea otters swimming around. At sea level can be large beds of kelp which is California’s famous seaweed.

For those who want to stay overnight or even longer, there are campsites in several places. Big Sur Campground, Fernwood Resort, Riverside Campground and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park are some of the most popular. As the region is known for its beauty, there are also plenty of luxury hotels for the slightly more comfortable, such as the Post Ranch Inn or Ventana Inn and Spa.

The region’s spectacular environment has made hiking a very popular way to explore the surroundings. From beaches to mountains you can walk along streams in the valleys. To get the beautiful view, it is possible for the brave to climb the high ridges for a spectacular view of the coastline on the western slope. The vast wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest can be seen on the eastern slope.

There are travel guides that can help plan your visits to suit everyone. Whether you just want to stroll around or if you want to challenge yourself with mountain climbing. Condor safaris are available to increase the chances of seeing the large bird.